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Snazzy Bags
Snazzy Bags




       Welcome to my website. I hope you find a bag that you like. As a thankyou for joining my website for the first month of operations they will be 10% discount on all bags.

A Bit about me and my Visions for my bags.

              My Name is Toni, I live in australia. Chronic pain has disabled me but thanks to lots of trialling and erroring.I found that making these bags, are the best distraction for me and my own little piece of happiness in the midst. All these bags are made with love and care, love nothing more than the satisfaction of sourcing rare fabrics ( especially out of prints) and making them into a bag. I specialise in bags that are unique, one offs. So when you carry a bag from me, be guaranteed you never find yourself running into someone else with your bags. I only buy in small quantities as have no intention of ever making these into mass made bags. Plenty of others can do that. I aim to offer my customers a more a boutique style bags. Bags that are snazzy and individual as the person carrying them. I love putting the fun into bags, every bag inside is lined and often little surprises are sprinkled on the inside as the outside. I love a pop of color. My bags are made from a wide range of fabric types and some vinyl. Do have plans of trialling a leather bag very shortly.  I usually turn out a bag a week. So bookmark my page and come back regularly to see what is new and may interest you.

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