Snazzy Bags


About Company

I am a small one man/woman show that makes bags for my own enjoyment.

Terms and conditions

Important Notes of my business Policies:-


  • With bags order, I will endeavor to do them as fast as I can but that is only fast as my body physically allows.
  • Happy to make a similar style but cannot guaratee it be exact as I only buy small quantity of often out of print fabric but if it is a picture of a wolf for example. May be able to reproduce using embroidery. However not all bags will be the same. One I do not plan on making reproductions of bags but will endeavour to make you personal bag is special for  you.
  • If you cannot be patient for your bag, another place may beneficial to you. I will endeavour to make a bag for you as said before  this is my therapy so this process is my enjoyment. If you get pushy or demanding to me 50% of your money will be returned and your order will be cancelled. Have never done this to anyone but it is important that my stress remains low. Working this way you will end up with a bag just for you like no one elses but do need a little time in leeway.
  • My Pricing  is not negotiable. My pricing has been based off many off the pattern designers suggested price. I have not calculated based on my speed of making things.
  • Payment is expected before the commencement of a personalised bag. As if you change your mind many times I cannot sell on those purses. I was getting left out of pocket so from now on, payment is due up front.  For all other bags that you order to be made to a certain design and color unless to specialised, will be 50% upfront. Those that I think will be too specialised  will be mentioned at the beginning of the transaction with me, so we both know where we stand



post and delivery

  • All bags will be sent out within 5 days of completion to you home from final payment is received and cleared
  • Happy to  post to anywhere in the world but I am not resposible for any taxes that may be added by customs of your country.
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Hi My name is Toni and I am who makes these bags for you to enjoy.